joi, 28 ianuarie 2010

Un gand: Tufa-n flacari

Dupǎ episodul ezoteric cu Geoanǎ, nu v-aţi întrebat, oare tufa, din care i-a vorbit Yahwe lu' Moise, în ce culoare ardea?

PS. Descoperire de pe Wiki:
The Hebrew word used in the narrative is seneh (סנה). This a biblical dis legomenon, only appearing in two places, both of which describe the burning bush. It is possible that the reference to a burning bush is based on a mistaken interpretation of Sinai (סיני), a mountain described by the Bible as being on fire, and scholars think that the reference to the burning bush in Deuteronomy, in particular, is a copyist's error, and was originally a reference to Sinai.
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