miercuri, 16 decembrie 2009

Reclame liber-cugetatoare

Am gǎsit nişte reclame drǎguţe, fǎcute de userul orleyorg de pe Youtube. Enjoy

Comentariu la ultimul filmuleţ:
First off, let me give some credit where credit is due. Most of the video from this piece comes from a trio of Scientology commercials. While I obviously don't agree with pretty much everything that they stand for, they do make some very beautiful commercials. The song in the background is "Mercury" by John Murphy off the soundtrack for the movie Sunshine (great movie). In the first two amateur commercials I made, I did some writing but the foundation is usually a poem (by Michael Pain usually). However, I wrote the voice over for this commercial from scratch. The voice is also mine. I try to make it sound professional, but I have never actually done voice-overs before... so don't be too critical of my gorgeous voice.
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